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How do I get more views? This is a question we often get asked by friends and clients. There is not a golden rule to guarantee lots of views to your video. However we know that apart from having a compelling story there are 3 things we always try to do on all videos done for Social media purposes.


1. Compelling editing.

This is somehow obvious but is rarely mentioned. You should always keep in mind your video is going to be showing on a scrolling page (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and you only have about 3-5 seconds to get the attention of your audience. Keep it simple and choppy. you can tell a lot in 5 seconds. 


2. Subtitles are a must.

Most people don’t click on videos until they are sold on the content. that’s why you should always have subtitles for your videos so your followers can tell what the content is about while the video scrolls on their feed. Facebook now offers a subtitle app (more info here) where you can add subtitles in case you have no access to do so while editing.


3. Add animation.

The more visual information you can give on your video the best chances you have to deliver your message across (check out a video we did implementing animation on screen). Start by adding pictures or emojis if animation is not an option for you.


Follow this steps and you will see improvements on your video views. Social media is the new “TV” of our era and is a constant learning curve. However, a good story will always be king. If you have additional tips please feel free to share.