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A mini-documentary on Cuban fashion

Recently, we went on a mission to Cuba to shoot a mini-documentary for our production partner Univision. The shoot was about finding people with a great sense of style over 60 years old. The experience was not only enjoyable but also unforgettable. Working with Univision on this project was a great honor for us. They really gave us complete creative freedom in terms of shooting style. We feel humbled that our work is being able to take us to this magical country called Cuba.

The task in Cuba included finding citizens who were over 60 years old and at the same time had an incredible taste of fashion and style.  Although finding such individuals was challenging, we were able to get the job done with a small crew of 3 people and come up with a final video that left our clients (Univision) very satisfied.

Following the delivery of the mini documentary we created in Cuba, We are happy to say Univision decided to make it part of an online series. We've been now green lighted to shoot in Puerto Rico, Miami, and New York!

The mini documentary not only covers the fashion aspect of Cubans but also their way of life. The video was shot in the streets of Cuba "gorilla style". The participants gave us a glimpse of their way of life and how they enjoy life regardless of their own realities. Amazingly, we were able to find one of a kind people who luckily for us they welcomed us to their world.

By watching the video you will not only get entertained but also we expect you to see a different subject that is not related with the usual topics related to Cuba.

At Only 1 studios, we specialize in video productions and have worked with numerous clients. Our impressive portfolio is a result of our dedicated team striving to deliver high quality workIn addition, we strive to create videos that are unique and at the same time has a voice of its own.  

Watch the video here.