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Our growth in the industry can be attributed to many things some of which include hard work, professionalism, diligence, quality and creative direction. However, all of these combined just work to put us on the map and do not account for the fact that thanks to our flexibility in the kinds of projects that we take we have become one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Miami.

We took on a project designated by Univision Trends that most people would find as challenging or not a fit for a digital agency. The project was to shoot a mini - documentary on People of Miami with a great sense of style, But focusing on people who are over 60 years of age.

Miami is a city that enjoys some of the greatest fashion minds in the entire planet. Our interaction with the characters we found has changed our entire fashion dynamic and given us a whole new outlook to life in the fashion industry. We got the opportunity to meet with and share thoughts with some very interesting people, an opportunity that we are very grateful for.

For the project, we spent two days with each of the characters. The job was challenging but we were definitely up to the task. Armed with a Panasonic GH4 camera, a Rode Lavalier mic, a 35mm lens and a crew of 2-3 people we were able to be discreet while shooting but also get an awesome picture quality. The work was edited in FCPX, and color corrected in Da Vinci.

As part of the project described, we designed a unique set of digital animations inhouse that are included in the Title sequence. We had a great experience during the making of this documentary and look forward to continue to tell interesting stories among Hispanics of all ages.


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