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Corner Talk w/ Tammy Green @TheGreenAgency

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Corner Tlk is an online series filmed at our studio where creatives from different fields share insights of what is like to work on creative/talent based fields. Tammy Green is the founder of The Green Agency a leading boutique talent and model agency in the Southeast. Tammy opened up to our film crew in a new edition of CORNER TLK and gave us a peek of what it takes to be a successful model.


O1S: Social Media and Models

TAMMY: I believe that a model that has an active social media presence increases their value. It's not uncommon for a client to ask me how many followers a particular model has. If their following is big enough it will increase their fees for the day. It will also be an opportunity for a client to get on coattails of a model that has a lot of followers.

O1S: Managing Expectations

TAMMY: It's a lot of hard work and it's a lot of disappointments and it's a lot of rejections. So what I like to say to models when I first meet them is most of it is about managing your expectations. You have to understand that this is a business that is based on what do I need now and how I'm going to achieve that. That's what happens in a client's session. So if you are the girl that fits what they are looking for that's going to be great. But, you also have to be prepared to have an awful lots of no's send your way and you gotta be able to be comfortable with that. 

O1S: Attitudes

TAMMY: I always found that the most successful models are the ones that are really easy to work with. They have a good attitude and they are interested in what's going on.

O1S: One Advice

TAMMY: You are you're own business so it's not about walking into a room and say hi to your friends and being social in a situation. You are going in to that room, you are going in with a tremendous amount of focus. You know who your competition is and you are there to kill it. 

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