Interview : Gabriel "Gabe" Sanchez


If your timeline is saturated with Instagram photogs, you’re not alone, but Gabriel Sanchez also known as “Gabe Media”said not everyone with a camera is created equal.


The Miami local who’s grown to have over 32 thousand followers on Instagram said although the numbers look impressive, patience, time and skill will take you even further in the working world offline.

His love for photography stemmed from an early age, playing with cameras around his home as his father worked in television, but Sanchez said it wasn’t until his wife Daniela Ramirez launched her blog nanysklozet.comthat he started taking photography seriously.

“She needed photos, and I decided I would take them for her and from that moment I fell in love with it,” Sanchez said. “It became something I thought I could make a living from, and it started to evolve, and I learned how to edit, researching, reading, taking tutorials and self-taught myself everything I know. And I keep doing that every day.”


“She needed photos, and I decided I would take them for her and from that moment I fell in love with it,”

Simplicity is stylish

Less is more when capturing an image the photographer notes. He usually likes to work with materials available to him and won’t create elaborate sets or complicated productions; he’s known for his portraits, snapping pics of people around the city, or his favorite location, Downtown Miami.

“I never thought I was going to end up photographing people, but when I started it just became a task for me to photograph the essence of who people are, to capture their emotions, and who they are as a person,” Sanchez said. “I like to meet new people, and I try to capture the essence of who they are.”

Communication is essential the visual artist points out.

The artist's process usually involves dialogue between him and his subject. To make the development feel like a collaborative process, he shows them the images throughout the session to give them an idea of the final product. He said there are also tips developing photographers can learn to perfect their craft. 


"...let the subject know us and in that same process know them,"

“The first thing we have to do as photographers before we can take out our camera and put it in someone’s face is to be genuine and let the subject know us and in that same process know them,” Sanchez said. “Start a small conversation about whatever comes up. That usually puts everyone on a more human level. I think that in itself is a significant factor that helps people engage with other individuals when it comes to taking a photograph in front of your camera.”

There’s also social media, which can be a photographer’s best friend and sometimes an audience’s first impression with a creatives sense of style and work. Sanchez said it is a science, but it can also be simple such as putting into it what you want to get out of it and sticking to the style you would want to get hired for.


Photography is something that keeps me going every day.”

Sometimes photographers try to showcase all of their talents and can leave audiences confused about what they can do Sanchez said. It’s better to stick to what you like best and work at that.

Overall the photographer agrees that always being a student of the craft and having a love for the subject will facilitate photography at any level.

“Meeting people, getting to know their story and interacting with them is something that I find fascinating and very personal. Photography is something that keeps me going every day.”


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Written for Only1 Studios by Christian Portilla - Follow her @RoamFreeWriteson Instagram and Twitter