Corner Talk w/ Fashion Blogger @TheFashionPoet



EP. 01


Corner Tlk is an online series filmed at our studio where creatives from different fields share insights of what is like to work on creative/talent based fields. Annie Vazquez a.k.a. @TheFashionPoet a Miami based fashion blogger opened up to our film crew in a new edition of CORNER TLK and gave us a peek of what it takes to be a successful blogger.


O1S: When you don't get what you want?

ANNIE: I've gotten opportunities for like something amazing and I didn't get it. And I had it, I had it. And it felt thru. And I was upset but you know what, than I realized something else is coming. And you know sure enough something better came along. Something better that I enjoyed , that paid better that was a lot more fun and creative, so it's really all about being positive and putting the energy out there.

O1S: Being an influencer?

ANNIE: It's a lot to handle. You gotta do your own accounting. You gotta do your own selling. You gotta put together your pictures and the writing. You gotta be organized you have to have a calendar. It's not just like (Click) put a picture up and all that. That's what people think it is.

O1S: Dealing with haters

ANNIE: Who cares what people say about you. All really that maters is what you think about your self. You are the one that has to live with your self. You have to make your own happiness and path.

O1S: One advice

ANNIE: We are moving towards a lot more video nowadays so I would say like creating stories. And not the same thing that everybody else is doing like v-blogs and all that but finding your inner voice and creating something that is not out there. Like what is the story you want to say? What do you want to share? How are you going to make a difference?

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