Corner Talk w/ Veza Sur Co-Founders



EP. 03


Corner Tlk is an online series where creatives and entrepreneurs share insights of what is like to work on creative/talent/product based fields and how they are shaping the industry.

Veza Sur is a one of a kind brewery based out of Miami that focuses on the discovery of different flavors by tapping into their Latin roots. The brewery gets its name from a mashup of "cerveza" and "sur" — a nod to its Colombian half. We paid them visit to talk about the process of opening their own brewery and what it takes to run a successful business venture.


Corner tlk ep.04: veza sur brewing co.

Asbjorn Gerlach: First tip for any entrepreneurship in the world is make a business plan. Make a best case and the worst case scenario. Multiply the money that you need in the worst case scenario by 3 and multiply the time that you think it will take you to open again by 3. And if you have that setup you might be able to face the challenge. 

Max Antonio Burger: To a degree entrepreneurship is always sold like oh you're either you are or You're not an entrepreneur. I don't believe in that. I think that's bullshit. Like, it's not a personality thing but it's about how you go about it. It's like, Are you really willing to accept that failure is the most likely outcome? I think that's because once you make peace with that. You're actually very calm. And then once you start you get very nervous about a million things. But that baseline really needs to be there and you accept that, worst comes to worst you're going to have to shut down your business and it's over. But that doesn't mean life is over. 

Asbjorn Gerlach: Ego is a thing that gets in the way quite often. So you're gonna go in this with with a clear plan of the determination. I want to do this at the same time you have to be open to learn from others and hopefully surround you with others that know more about stuff than yourself. 

Max Antonio Burger: Miami really was kind of by choice. We really were looking at where in the US is there an opportunity to kind of do something in beer still. I mean craft beer obviously is still very big on the west coast and northeast. But we saw Miami had a lot of opportunity. 

 Asbjorn Gerlach:Beer is the vehicle to properly transport a passion or a point of view. That's the thing that's in between the customer and us. But in the end about it's about the people who work there who you interact with. 

Max Antonio Burger:We want to make sure people have a good time. At the same time kind of stay our grounds of who we are and stay true to our roots. Really I mean everybody on the team speaks Spanish most people and even the ones who don't have roots in Latin America you know like Miami at the end is a melting pot and we kind of really by design said this is who we want to be and this is what we want to represent. 

Asbjorn Gerlach: So we wanted to have walk ins that think they don't like beer coming in and then coming back week after week and asking what's new. So this is for me the most emotional part actually seeing really that people love the brand, love the beers that we're making and we're getting them hooked in the end and making them into frequent customers which is beautiful. 


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