3 Types of Videos to Market Your Business


Nothing grabs customers’ attention like a good video. But video campaigns can be daunting. What kinds of videos should you produce? How can you be sure that they’re professionally done? And when they’re ready, how do you integrate videos with your marketing and sales operations?

Here at Only1 Studios we believe that there’s a place for video at any company that wants to present its message more commandingly and memorably.

For example, why send a long, laborious email when a quick video can create a more lasting impression? Would you rather read a long how-to article or watch a simple explainer video? And who makes the more convincing case: someone who merely talks about a product or someone who demonstrates its value?

To help you get started, we’ve drawn up a list of the three types of video most essential to promoting your business. 

 1. Product Videos.

When customers see your product in action, they come away with a more lasting impression of its benefits. That’s where product videos come in. A well-produced product video moves customers from awareness to consideration and conversion, all while reinforcing their positive impressions of your company as a whole.

Product videos don’t replace written product descriptions. They complement your existing marketing material in ways that text and static images simply can’t. And when they’re embedded in web pages, product videos increase the time each visitor is exposed to your messaging, further increasing your chances of turning browsers into buyers.

Product video done for 42 Dubonnet | Social Media Campaign


 2. Testimonial Videos.

The most important influencers for your product aren’t celebrities. They’re Yelp reviewers, Facebook commenters, and all the other voices that weigh in on your product’s strengths and weaknesses, and the way it compares to the competition. 

Testimonial videos are enormously valuable parts of this mix. Video testimony is more direct and believable, and carries more weight than anonymous written reviews. And when that testimony includes footage of your product in action, the benefits only increase. Products that are struggling to gain traction against more established competitors are particularly good candidates for a video-testimonial campaign.

Frost Museum | Testimonial video


3. Explainer Videos.

An explainer video teaches your audience how to solve a problem. That problem can be tangentially related to your product: as long as it speaks to an issue faced by much of your target audience, viewers will appreciate a well-done explainer.

Because explainer videos aren’t tied directly to a specific product or service, they’re perfect for generating website traffic, and for attracting attention to other value-added materials like your company’s blog. Together, that sort of approach increases your company’s visibility and improves its reputation. And when your company is seen as an authority in its field, every product or service you sell benefits.



Go Create Something Great

Videos are fun to watch, and once you’re used to shooting them they’re lots of fun to create. But they’re increasingly a core part of the way companies do business. You’ve got an idea of the three kinds of video you should be producing on a regular basis…now let us see what you come up with!