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See how a hair dresser turned her passion for baby clothes into a business by reaching thousands of potential customers with a content strategy.



Posh peanut

Case Study


The Challenge


Posh Peanut is a one of a kind fashionable baby clothes brand that was looking to connect with new clients .The brand needed to get noticed on social media on their own terms by having a video that could introduce the brand and build trust with new clients.


How we did it


We learned about the passion behind her craft and who her desired target was


A video CAMPAIGN ALIGNED with images was produced to show the essence and life style of the brand and showcasing some of their pieces


The final footage was edited in many different formats so she could share it natively and use it as an ad on all social media platforms


Her video targeted an audience based on her average consumer bringing her leads on a weekly basis


The Final Work

posh peanut video

The Look and Feel

purposely building a loyal fan and allowing them to purchase directly from social media


Point of sale directly from Instagram


The Result

After our first round of posts targeting specific demographics based on potential customers, Posh started to get traffic to their site and the focus quickly tuned into how to convert first time clients into a frequent customer. Posh Peanut can now be found at all mayor retailers.



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